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Kal Online is an MMORPG created by the Korean company Inixsoft[1] in February 2004. - In this Category right here you are allowed to sell / buy characters / geons at any kal server with one another In order of exchanging under the care of TheHyperNetwork
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Ottawa Senators Probability Upgrade: Oct 31 in the direction of November 6
057 4 months ago
Islanders Information: The beginners are coming, the inexperienced persons are coming
060 4 months ago
Sql server 2005 error 26
5269 over a year ago
Login Error
4306 over a year ago
Kal Online Armory
9454 over a year ago
Quest Database - more than 4.000 entries
1230 over a year ago
Effects on Items?
8268 over a year ago
3d Models
2317 over a year ago
What does a server need?
12230 over a year ago
Kal-Keeper Database
1268 over a year ago
Mage Consistant Damage Addon
8325 over a year ago
Looking For Website Designer
0218 over a year ago
Looking to make a private server
1241 over a year ago
C++ Tutorial
2372 over a year ago
Wanted: Website Designer
0242 over a year ago
Trading Int Character for PServer Items/money
2272 over a year ago
Looking For Someone to play with
3223 over a year ago
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