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TheHyperNetwork.com - Social Media Marketing Agency Provides the fellow KalOnline Services

       The company purpose is helping you coming up with a successful Project

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 Section 1 - Top Of Games VotingZone

TheHyperNetwork Provides One of its best services that can be brought to you - The Voting Zone!

1 - We help you get Recognized at Top of games

2 - We help you Advertise your game around the beasts of the business!

3 - Super Fast Order Delivery Service - The Most Cheapest Prices in the market of advertising! -

4 - Active 24/7 Supporting Customer Service at Skype - Website Mail System

Customer Service 24/7 at Skype / TheHyperNetwork Contact us Section

Top of games prices are temporarily undecided yet , Only Private Skype deals are available!

Contact us at skype username : Wobist15

We've also updated our System , We now do provide Special offers and prices!

Section 2 - KalOnline Professional Videos
TheHyperNetwork helps you show your Server Features in a Cinamatic Video to attract your players Into the game

TheHyperNetwork Provides Professional Video Editing Service to your Game Trailer

Here are a few of our latest video trailers
Section 3 - KalOnline Marketing
How can we use Marketing into The KalOnline Community? Heres how

We could Provide your Upcoming or current project with a basic Facebook Page with KalOnline Players Involved Following your work

We could Provide your Upcoming or current project with a Shoutout at the KalOnline Hashtags around all Social Media

We could Provide your upcoming or current Project with Top of games Voting

We could Provide your upcoming or current Project with Skype tags Shoutouts with more than 4.742 KalOnline users through the past 12 years
Section 4 - KalOnline Designs
TheHyperNetwork Team includes a Professional Gaming Designers that will build your Entire Image of the game!

At cheap prices and Fast Delivery of the services as always TheHyperNetwork comes with the best

Place an order with your requested Designs and we will get back to you with more Informations

Section 5 - KalOnline Sales
We also Sell geons at The International KalOnline inixsoft Client

Hanin Geons

Naraeha Geons

1kk = 0.40 Euros

If you are interested please follow up the survy of contacting us with your order and the section you have choosen!
Section 6 - KalOnline Web Hosting
TheHyperNetwork can Host your Server for cheaper amount than could imagine!

Also Provides Protection to your game with dedication survys!
Section 7 - KalOnline Servers Sponsored by TheHyperNetwork
We Sponsor Servers With a decent amount of money and 100% Quality SERVICES

What are your Benefits being Sponsored by us?

1 - You get top of games Votes Monthly

2 - You come under 100% Protection from any harm that could threaten your game

3 - You recieve Social Media Marketing tips Such as a Facebook Page With your Server name with kal players

4 - You recieve ingame FREE designs provided to you by our Designers

5 - You recieve Shoutouts at our fellow Website here

Top 3 Sponsored by TheHyperNetwork.com

Join us Today and grow your Fanbase more than Ever!

Incorporated KalOnline

6 Months Long term Server

Astro KalOnline

7 Months Long term Server

X-treme KalOnline Evolution

5 Years Of History under progress
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