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Human Prototype
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As title said, hope some1 kinds and willing to share their hard work for us to enjoys :) I am new to Metin 2 can't do much about anything like that haha. i have setup Instant Server and used that modified clients, but there's still Chinese on the database and clients sides. and i have look on Epvp forum but they all speak germany lmao, i can't understand what they're talking on the forum.

really please someone shares their works for all of us in Ragezone to enjoys.

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well if this is your problem then its kinda easy :

first dont use instant server files use "modified" user files im german too but i can helo you best server files are computerkranks and profizocker94s serverfiles and as a client neonblue v4 or higher or the 2010 client search in google you will find something :) if there are still problems ask me ..

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