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 KalOnline 2016 New Engine Features - 

Riding system
Qigong talisman
Perforation shots
Dragon spirit scroll
Intlike pet system (heal+pick)
Strong hack protection
MD5 client+server protection (NEW)
Item NPC opening
Hanin mirrors
Demon gong
Level up rewards
EXP Gap system
3rd job
Auto notice
Guild vs guild
Last man standing
Protecting leader
Guild hunting system
Emok system
Duel tournament
Damage protection
Soul destruction AOE (NEW)
Normal skills balancing
Blob system
Words filter system (NEW)
Cooldown protection
Monsters summon scrolls
Auto monsters summoning with notice
Auto EXP event
Exp event npc
Realtime BOF
Realtime Mix
Custom mix message
Renting system
Daily quests
Custom fishing system
Shop rewards
Auto castle war (FIXED)
Intlike buff system
(Quest or item)
Map level protection
ItemShop system (intlike shop system)
And much more
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