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Kal Online 2016 New Engine 

Contact Skype username : chahineman

Full Supportive DLLs to Manage a Kal Online Server with
 active 24/7 Support , at the Most cheapest prices at the market!
Fully Sponsored by TheHyperNetwork.com - 
4 Characters New Engine with all kinds of DLLs your game players require

TheHyperNetwork Marketing

Contact Skype : HazemHoster

TheHyperNetwork Company - The worlds most active Marketing System around The Market Today , we help you or you Project to get Recognized around The Social Media , We help you get famous , We help you Advertise your Project , We advertise your Product around The Internet

Top Of Games Voting System

Contact Skype username : wobist15

TheHyperNetwork Company Team Provides the best marketing methods
to your games around the Top Of Games With our Programmed Vote System 
we help you get recognized around the big cons in the gaming community
Active - Quick - Cheap - FAIR!

Gaming Video Trailers

Contact Skype : HazemHoster

TheHyperNetwork.com - The Company has more than 3 video creators
We offer you professional video Editing Service for your games / Servers to help your players understand more about your game features
At the most cheap prices - 
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