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Hello, TheHyperNetwork company with its fellow VotingZone mates has decided to officially Share these News Today 12/2/2018

We're currently going to step back with our VotingZone Service for several reasons, but we are not going to just leave you behind without helping you into more further Renaissance so that you can take care of your business yourself!

Note : So basically as it looks to everyone that top of games has solved the captcha bypass which has stopped all the VotingBots that has been running at top of games earlier wether it was made by us or others, but however that is not the entire story because guess what you can actually still VOTE with almost the same amounts you used to have before probably not as much but certainly more cheaper but this is up to you only because you are going to be doing that yourself from now on since we are stopping our providence of the service

Why are we going to currently stop voting? -

1 - We might look like we have abused the top of games the recent years to do the votes we have done but that isnt the full truth we have actually continued voting seeing that top of games has sort of agreed to the fact that they were making money of the amount of ips we were providing to the top of games with our voting services which increases their rank at the google ranks

2 - We are stopping now because top of games has decided to not agree anymore to the voting service and they've took an action that somehow already came publicly to everyone by changing their captcha which is still by the way able to be bypassed but we are not going to VOTE anymore because we are not UNFAIR and we are not going to abuse something that we do not have its permission

What can we help you with? -

okay so we are suggesting this bot vote which will allow you to vote for yourself without being abused by others, and basically cheaper than others and gives you 3Days free, unlimited votes/vote links, heres the link : - these are the prices they offer

3 MonthS: $50 - 2 computer license - Free updates
6 Months: $70 - 2 computer license - Free updates
1 Year: $135 - 3 computer license - Free updates

And this is a video explaining their service if you do not understand completely

And these are the ips you can purchase at very cheap prices, however what I am trying to do here is help the entire community to be able to do what we have done without being abused by other services
70,000+ Proxies Pool. - Maximum 10 Threads. - 1 Access IP
Price: $14/month - With 15% OFF lifetime discount $11.90
15% Discount Coupon Code: STORMDSC

NOTE : soon There will be a discount Coupon Code to most of these services that we have shared with you under the name Of TheHyperNetwork
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KalOnline Source has been released by TheHyperNetwork back at the end of 2017 with one goal only, to communicate and gather the Kal Online community into better basics with Professionally advertised service and more to be shared / helped with

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KalOnline Source was built to gather all kal online players in one place for the source of sharing the local news
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